A Six-Hour Performance Centered on One Kiss

A Six-Hour Performance Centered on One Kiss
Vanessa German and Janae Brown (photo by Brian Cohen)

Vanessa German’s first solo show in Los Angeles, , features multimedia sculptures that incorporate found objects collected from around her Pittsburgh neighborhood as well as along her travels — fabric, seashells, feathers, toys. to create ritualistic figures or layered wall works onto which she paints portraits of black females, drawing on both African cultural traditions and the African-American assemblage art that emerged in Los Angeles, where she was raised. German’s artistic practice is intertwined with her social activism, manifested in , a community arts initiative aimed at bringing art to children affected by violence.

In conjunction with the exhibition, German will be staging a six-hour performance “,” this Saturday. Performed with her partner Janae Brown, it will

Vanissa German and her partner, Janae Brown, present an intimate exchange between Black women, a perspective absent in mainstream depictions of African-American femininity.

Following the performance, German will be in conversation with Sarah Gavlak and Pavel Zoubok, who is presenting the exhibition in partnership with the gallery.

When: Saturday, May 18, 11–5pm
Where: Gavlak Los Angeles (1034 N. Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles)

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